Nov 18, 2015

Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 41

With absolutely ZERO guests this episode, Mike and Chris get down to serious business. Discussing everything from the Syrian refugee crisis to the biggest blockbusters of the year, they don’t agree on much. They DO agree on one thing though: this is the BEST EPISODE YET. 


Nov 11, 2015

Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 40

40 episodes in, and the Men In Their 30s have truly hit their stride. Mike does not brief Chris on special guest Anthony Elias, and they meet for the first time on the air. Chris airs his grievances against men who are disrespectful and intimidating to women, and Mike is way off in his prediction of what he thinks Chris will discuss during the episode. Mike brings along an extra long GameTime dealing with self-improvement which threatens to put a divide in the newfound friendship between Chris and Anthony. A controversial Steed Time about fashion leaves Mike very disappointed in his brother. A previously unreleased live recording of a legendary punk rock band wraps up what is undoubtedly the BEST EPISODE YET.


Nov 4, 2015

Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 39

Not only is Episode 39 the LAST PODCAST IN IT’S 30S, but it’s also the LATEST podcast that the guys have ever recorded. Joined by very special West Coast guest Tony Hartman, Mike and Chris cast pods into the wee hours of the night (until about 11:30 PM EST). It is an extremely important episode, as Tony opens up about his current battle with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy type 2i, an extremely rare and debilitating disease with no cure. Stem cell treatment is a very promising option, but it is also an expensive one. The guys discuss Tony’s current campaign to fundraise enough money to travel abroad and get the help he needs. His story and positive outlook are both inspiring and uplifting, as he battles a problem that he refuses to let define him. To say that this is a CAN’T MISS EPISODE would be putting it lightly…what would be much more accurate would be to say that this is the BEST EPISODE YET. 


Oct 29, 2015

Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 38

Oh brother! The guys are back, and the hot topic is just that - BROTHERS. Mike always had one, but now Chris does too. Special guest Brandon Carson lays down the details on what it’s like to be Chris’s new brother-in-law, and he also discusses the start of his own new podcast. On the eve of his last day of work at the scrapyard, Chris discusses his huge life decision to quit his job and once again pursue a fully creative life. Joey Ritter contributes a great segment for all the listeners in the PARENT category, and a new Tiny Talk With Tony features another segment contributor, the one and only Joe DeWitt! Drum extraordinaire Cory Muro wraps up the episode with a segment of Punchline memories which was meant to be part of the last episode but was submitted too late. As all Men In Their 30s know - better late than never! All in all, there’s no doubt that this is the BEST EPISODE YET.


Oct 13, 2015

Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 37

Since it’s Episode 37, Chris and Mike take a walk down PUNCHLINE memory lane with special guests PJ Caruso and Steve “Steed” Soboslai. For any listeners who may not know, Chris has played in the band Punchline since 1997, and he probably wouldn’t be podcasting today if it weren’t for that fact. The guys reflect on their experiences, from recording to traveling all over the world. Important issues (such as “should men wear shorts?”) are addressed, and Mike discusses the transition into becoming known as “Steve’s brother”. Guest segments from Greg Wood, Jeff Kopanic, and Pat Dee add to the fun, and a special edition of GameTime puts Mike at a severe disadvantage. With the new Punchline album “Thrilled” coming out on December 4th, not only is this episode very timely, but it’s also the BEST EPISODE YET. 


Oct 6, 2015

Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 36

Episode 36 brings the return of Logan McCurdy, a Man In His 30s who made his first appearance all the way back in Episode 6. Mike brings the guys some Bulletproof Coffee, and then he tries to convince everyone that butter is actually very healthy.  Chris is accused of having fake Twitter accounts, which he adamantly denies. This episode brings with it a brand new guest segment (Tiny Talk with Tony), as well as the fourth installment of an already classic segment (Steed Time). GameTime focuses on books that Mike owns (but hasn’t necessarily read), and the discussion on dating from the previous episode is expanded upon. It’s an episode that men, women, children, and cats alike will all enjoy. Without a doubt, it’s the BEST EPISODE YET.


Sep 29, 2015

Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 35

In the 35th episode of the already classic Men In Their 30s Only podcast, Mike brings along his own personal scientific research on the subject of approaching women in the world of dating. Along with special guest Garrett DeRienzo (a Boy In His 20s), the guys delve into the fascinating topic of human interaction in the wild jungle of love and dating. Steve "Steed" Soboslai contributes yet another insightful and hilarious segment, and Chris shows off his wisdom in the biggest blowout win in the history of GameTime. Men and women alike will never regret listening to this inspirational and educational episode. Rumor has it that this particular episode will one day be responsible for helping to increase the world population. Rumor also has it that this is the BEST EPISODE YET.


Sep 16, 2015

Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 34

Hip Hop Dance Class. Podcastbomb by Johnny. We Didn’t Start The Fire. SteveTime. Advice From A Boy In His 20s (Joe DeWitt). Controversy. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It. Coffee. The Future. Expectations. Political Correctness. BEST EPISODE YET. 


Sep 9, 2015

Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 33

Is it crazy to say BEST EPISODE YET right off the bat in the description? Of course not. From the very start, Chris puts forth the question “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”, and together with Mike, they explore the options. Mike introduces Chris to his new invention (the CARBIE DOLL), and Chris helps Mike further develop his ideas for a rabid raccoon cartoon. Podcast regular Steve Soboslai begins his new regular segment STEVE TIME, which leads into a couple of awkward phone calls for the guys. Game Time will surely wet your whistle this week, and Mike writes a parody song to end the episode. Just like it said in the first sentence, this is without a doubt the BEST EPISODE YET. 


Sep 4, 2015

Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 32

In this brand new, bare bones, no-guest, no holds barred episode, Mike and Chris return to their roots with some straight-up personal discussions. Mike gets the party started with some stimulating death talk, and Chris steers the conversation toward birth talk, as he is about to become an UNCLE against all odds. Mike inquires deeply into Chris’s life crossroads, and together they explore the explicit lyrics of everyone from Peter Gabriel to Miley Cyrus. Short conversations about fantasy football and dek hockey will keep listeners on the edge of their seats, and a highly competitive GameTime will completely knock the seats from under them. 32 episodes in, and STILL, the guys have managed to once again record the BEST EPISODE YET. 


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