Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 27


With all the talk and various opinions about Caitlyn Jenner, we felt a strong need to introduce ourselves and our listeners to a transgender woman whose story is unique but perhaps more relatable than that of an international celebrity. Our guest Ava O’Brien gives us a look into her perspective on not just this particular issue, but the many others that affect the trans community on a daily basis. Special guest co-host Luke See fills in for Mike, who is at a wedding for the weekend. Have no fear though, as Mike provides a short segment via the voice recorder on his phone. There is no doubt that this our most relevant and thought-provoking episode yet, which undoubtedly equates to our BEST EPISODE YET. This is a must-listen for anyone who wants to learn and grow as a Man In His 30s (or a person of any age or gender).