Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 37


Since it’s Episode 37, Chris and Mike take a walk down PUNCHLINE memory lane with special guests PJ Caruso and Steve “Steed” Soboslai. For any listeners who may not know, Chris has played in the band Punchline since 1997, and he probably wouldn’t be podcasting today if it weren’t for that fact. The guys reflect on their experiences, from recording to traveling all over the world. Important issues (such as “should men wear shorts?”) are addressed, and Mike discusses the transition into becoming known as “Steve’s brother”. Guest segments from Greg Wood, Jeff Kopanic, and Pat Dee add to the fun, and a special edition of GameTime puts Mike at a severe disadvantage. With the new Punchline album “Thrilled” coming out on December 4th, not only is this episode very timely, but it’s also the BEST EPISODE YET.