Men In Their 30s Only - Episode 42


In the 42nd episode of this podcast for EVERYONE, Mike opens up with a brand new catchphrase that is sure to be the missing ingredient needed for podcast perfection. The guys open up about very personal issues, including whether or not there was a giant squid at the end of The Goonies. A new segment called HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS has Chris professing his childhood love of Bell Biv Devoe and the Raiders, in which he comes to the realization that maybe he WAS actually REALLY COOL as a 10 year old. Mike gets very excited about GameTime this week, especially about the FUNNY ANSWER in the multiple choice of each question. There’s no doubt that each FUNNY ANSWER will brighten up your day, just as it has brightened up Mike’s. There’s also no doubt that this is the BEST EPISODE YET.